All About Cyanuric Acid


Among the chemicals used to help balance your swimming pool, there probably isn’t one as little understood as cyanuric acid. It’s a chemical compound with the formula (CNOH)3.

 Where is it found?

In swimming pool related products, all those based of Tri-Chlor or Di-Chlor chemicals have cyanuric acid in it as well as a select few other products with the primary intention of sanitizing water. In its natural form, chlorine is a gas, so it tends to easily escape while in water instead of sanitizing the swimming pool water. Eventually, it was found that combining cyanuric acid with chlorine helped keep it in the water for a much longer period of time, thus allowing it to sanitize the pool water.


Why does it become a problem?

As applied in water, the chlorine and cyanuric acid mixture (Tri-Chlor or Di-Chlor products) would eventually break down and the chlorine would dissipate away as usual. The problem is that cyanuric acid does not dissipate or evaporate but instead lingers and gathers in the pool water. Over time, the pool technician would be required to constantly re-apply Tri-Chlor or Di-Chlor products to re-sanitize the pool. Though effective, it is the constant application of products with cyanuric acid which cause levels of this chemical to accumulate and eventually cause conflicts within the chemistry of the swimming pool.

What kind of problems arise with the presence of high cyanuric acid?

The most common initial symptom that takes place is the lock up of free chlorine while in the swimming pool. Cyanuric acid does withhold some sanitation capability on chlorine when bound together, but this effect becomes amplified within the pool if there is too much cyanuric acid. This is one reason why chlorine quickly loses is ability to sanitize while in the pool. Another issue that may arise is when too much cyanuric acid accumulates

How can high cyanuric acid be treated?

Before 2015, the only reasonable way to treat high levels of cyanuric acid in the pool was to drain it.

Now there is an alternative, you can treat your pool with Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer which introduces a natural and harmless decomposition process for reduction.
Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer, a new biological and natural approach, has been proven to reduce cyanuric acid / conditioner / or stabilizer levels by disintegrating it at the molecular level. It won’t cause adverse effects on your pool and is also non-toxic, non-polluting and completely biodegradable. Product comes in a sealed air tight 8 ounce bag, in a dry powdery form.

Every 8 ounces can treat pools up to 25,000 gallons and reduce about 100 to 150 ppm of cyanuric acid at a time, on average. The entire contents of the product must be applied regardless if the amount of water treated is less than 25,000 gallons. If a significantly high amount of cyanuric acid is expected and present in the pool then multiple treatments may be necessary. Results may vary.

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